Baseball Goes High Tech With Wearables for Pitchers

Major League Baseball teams hope the mThrow’s instant data analysis will improve performance and prevent injuries

Metrics have touched nearly every part of baseball. If something that happens on the field can be measured, someone’s likely keeping track of it. But one of the biggest dangers to a baseball pitcher’s career—the joint stress and fatigue that often lead to injury—can be notoriously tricky to quantify.

human os iconNow, a company called Motus Global is attempting to change that with a wearable sleeve called the mThrow. The sleeve allows players to collect real-time biomechanical data from their games and practices, and monitor it all in an app. Motus claims that the device can calculate the amount of elbow torque, or stress, pitchers put on the ulnar collateral ligament, or UCL—the stabilizing elbow ligament most prone to pitching injuries.

Major League Baseball teams may use mThrow to better monitor their pitchers’ technique—improving performance and preventing career-ending injuries. 

Article Coming Soon: “The mThrow Wearable Sleeve Turns Baseball Pitching Into a Science